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Updated: Mar 27

Welcome to Carmel Judo! We are excited to have you on our Carmel Judo Wolf Pack team!

Now that you've signed up for a free trial for yourself or a child you might be wondering how you can prepare for your first class.

What to do next?

Message Natasha our Co-Owner the date and time you are looking to attend your first class.

Please note: 6 AM JUDO classes are not beginner classes and require grappling experience or enough foundations classes to begin attending.

What should I wear?

Wear something you would wear to the gym.

Preferred: Rashguard/Wet Wicking Shirt and a pair of spats.

Additional Options: T-shirt with sleeves and athletic pants/leggings/ shorts.

None of your clothing on the mats should have zippers or buttons.

Nails must be trimmed (fingers and toes) short and kept clean and rounded or dull.

(It isn't safe for you or your training partners to have sharp nails.)

What to bring:

We recommend you hydrate several days leading up to class and bring a water bottle or gatorade or two.

Slide on shoes: Sandals or slide on shoes as you are not allowed to walk into the bathroom with bare feet. We also do not wear any shoes on the mat to keep them clean and safe to practice on.

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