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Our Training Programs and Classes

We offer a variety of grappling and weightlifting programs for children and adults from beginner classes focused on the basics to advanced courses. We have something for everyone of every skill level- no experience required. 

What We Do

Children's Program

Children are the future and our goal is to develop strong and capable children who will grow to become champions in their life. Judo will give your child the strength and confidence to stand up to any challenge that they face in life.

Our approach to teaching children is one of compassion and discipline. We put a great emphasis on respect, honor, integrity and courtesy. Children will learn all of the basic skills that they need to succeed both on and off of the mats. 

Kids Coaches: 

Head Coach: Natasha Wolf 

Assistant/ Sub:

Sensei Jordan Wolf

Sensei Alvaro

Robert C. 

Cole M. 

Kaity B. 

Adult Judo & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our adult program will take an adult beginner with no experience and teach them all of the skills that they need to become successful in Judo. Judo is a very challenging and engaging martial art that will expose a person's weaknesses and force them to take an honest look at themselves. Judo builds strength of character, mental toughness, assists in overcoming trauma, minimizing anxiety and builds confidence. 

6 AM: Coach Nick, Nikkyu Brown Belt

Noon & Evening Classes:

Sensei Jordan Wolf, Shodan First Degree Black Belt

Sensei Horia M. Godan Fifth Degree Black Belt

Sensei Alvaro Shodan First Degree Black Belt

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

& Striking: Brandon P.

Women's Only Program

Our Women's Only Program is designed to support our female grapplers. Our female-led program focuses on weightlifting, judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu, competition prep and strategy.  During Women's only classes no males are on site. We recognize the importance of creating a safe, friendly, female-only space for our grapplers to practice and train.


The same philosophies and teaching styles that are found in our other classes are also embodied in the Women's only programs. Whether you choose to attend women's only or co-ed classes you will receive the same approach to teaching and training.

 Coach Natasha

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